Urban Organic- אורגני אורבני

Edna Meller
Interior design

The studio places emphasis on developing a personal language by material exploration. Experimentation with defined materials aims at maximizing and renewing their definition and function.
Bonding materials were chosen among a variety of materials from the desire to create a new look for materials with a constructivist, urban and harsh association.
The cement dripping from infusions on diverse surfaces gave birth to an unknown sight – the illusion of cement as a soft, natural, organic material.
Alongside material exploration, the interior space and objects were designed. The design of the space and the objects were inspired by the poet Edna Meller, and reflects the complexity of her character. The exterior is aesthetic, meticulous, polished, free of cracks, with an impressive presentation and an aesthetic presence. The interior is disintegrated into shattered pieces trying to communicate with one another.
The whole project is a personal image and interpretation of the dialogue taking place between the interior and the exterior and between the poet’s sterile environment and stormy internal soul. In terms of the material chosen, the representation is expressed by a polished, smooth and crystallized unit. The interior is expressed in a language besieged by the dripping cement and the disintegration of primordial shattered particles reflecting internal yearnings.
This disintegration of the material into a primordial particle of the dripping cement leaves the material naked and exposed, and permits a microscopic observation of the rifts and ruptures within the poet’s feelings.